Hello, 2023!

Hello, 2023!

As the coronavirus keeps on spreading around the world, the global economy continues to face grave challenges. 2022 too, was a difficult year. Nonetheless, Guanhui has taken the challenges and has brought many positive changes.


This year we reconstructed our website, with brand new page layout and updated information.


We began challenging to design lifting systems for extremely difficult working environments, such as the nuclear industry,and did an excellent job.


As the production increased, so did the need for a new and improved factory. Beside the existing factory, we built a new workshop which is 7800㎡ in area. The new workshop is exclusively for the production and assembly of the automated crane systems


Guanhui’s aim for 2023 is to continue to provide pre-engineered overhead crane systems as well as unique solutions for challenging projects that require custom crane engineering in a way that is flexible and customer-service oriented. Thanks for being part of our journey in 2022, and here’s to a very Happy New Year moving forward in 2023!