Automated crane system

Automated crane system


Why Use an Automated Crane System ?


Operational efficiency and streamlined production processes are critical to businesses around the globe. Guanhui and its dedicated Automation Division are working side by side with customers to leverage automation technology to improve their safety, productivity and uptime. Combining advanced products and technology with application expertise, we are helping to solve tough customer problems through efficient and reliable automation systems. These systems not only enhance system analytics and diagnostics, but also help prevent equipment damage through simplified maintenance, troubleshooting and operation.


Automated crane system






  • Faster work circles
  • Ensure accuracy of pick and placement of expensive product
  • Operators can control cranes from remote safe areas
  • Slashed production costs and labor costs
  • Ability to track inventory
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Smooth operation slows wear and tear on the steel structure and crane components


Fully-automated or Semi-automated?


Not only can Guanhui supply world-class overhead crane equipment, but our experienced staff of engineers can supply the knowledge behind the full installation of each application.


We design semi-automated or fully-automated systems based on your individual needs. In a semi-automated system, various features are available to assist the operator while still allowing some degree of manual control.


With a fully-automated system, on the other hand, the user can make the settings and the computer does the rest. This is especially useful in demanding or hazardous environments. These types of systems spare operators the fatigue of highly repetitive or difficult handling processes.




All industries can benefit from an overhead crane system to streamline their general manufacturing, including plating, aluminum, aluminum extrusion, steel production, steel warehousing, and more.


Our in-house engineers work with you to create a semi-automated or fully-automated system that can integrate with bridge cranes, transfer carts, and more. To learn more about overhead crane automation or to get started on a quote, please contact for details.