Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

It is important to understand the types of lifting systems available and the differences between them. When you think about these problems, you may not have a clue.But it’s worth taking  some time to think it over. Purchasing a lifting system is not just simply spending money on a machine, but an investment in long-term to improve your production efficiency and safety factor.

Our overarching goal is to provide solutions that keep your company safety compliant, increase your production uptime, and reduce your overall costs — so that your company operates safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.




You don't have to be a crane expert to work with us. You may have a basic idea or concept but don’t know how to finalize it. Many customers come to us with a basic concept for their handling system: they know what they need and how it should work, but not how to make it happen. Our designs provide the structural, mechanical, and electrical calculations required to transform their concepts into a finished product.

We have experience in designing cranes for a wide range of applications and a professional design team. Our engineers are undaunted by challenges in meeting unique specifications. For example, we can design cranes for high-duty cycles, strict dimensional constraints, precision, long loads, and extreme weather conditions.

From designing to manufacturing, Guanhui provides one service for your custom lifting equipment solutions





Aside from the 24000m2 crane production base, we also have a 15000m2 steel structure production base. You can simultaneously solve both requirements avoiding some unnecessary problems and contradictions if the workshops and cranes are purchased and installed separately.

We have our professional design team that understands the design both of the steel structure and the crane. According to buyers' different needs,  we can make the actual environmental protection, energy saving, scientific and practical design solutions.








  • Our crane is light, and the load imposed on the soil and structure in the working area is small
  • The space-saving design requires lower roof and small pillars and minimizes the non-working zone, which saves the construction cost.
  • Low energy consumption, Guanhui crane can save 58% of your power consumption compared to traditional cranes.
  • It is simple and easy to operate, requiring fewer operators and labor, which reduces the operating cost and makes the material handling more convenient.






In fact, crane installation and commissioning are also a major cost of the whole project investment. It’s not easy to find employers that knows about cranes to do the installation. Without professional guidance, wiring and commissioning errors might occur, which can bring risks to users. If choose our crane products, the installation cost will be reduced by 60%, the installation time will be reduced by 60%. Also, it greatly reduces the risks.

Every connecting part is numbered, and all cranes will be pre-wired and tested in our factory to ensure that there are no problems in installation and operation. And the installation process will be made into a guide video for users can easily complete the installation by following the video.





We pride ourselves on forming partnerships with our customers rather than simply making a sale. We stand by our product with a strong commitment to customer service. We'll keep your lifting equipment running smoothly, with our breakdown service team on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.