Semi-Gantry Crane

Semi-Gantry Crane

Guanhui semi-goliath cranes also known as semi-portal or semi-gantry cranes are a variation on the goliath crane concept and run one on-floor rail and one high-level rail mounted on columns or a building structure. Semi-goliath cranes are suitable for the applications described above for full goliath cranes but they bring unique advantages in certain applications. In particular, they bring specific benefits where they are specified to run beneath overhead cranes in production facilities to give localized hook service to production cells down one side of a bay and the overhead crane provides general hook service of the whole bay. They may also operate under an overhead crane. 

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Guanhui semi-Gantry cranes range and options:


  • Single girder capacities 2 ton – 20 tons
  • Double girder capacities 5 ton – 80 tons
  • Spans up 50 meters




  • Cantilevers
  • Pendant, remote or cab control
  • Out of service wind speed anemometers
  • Supply by powered or non-powered cable reeling drums.
  • Storm anchors
  • Anti collision systems.
  • Supply by conductor bars or festoon systems at the non-leg end.

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