Custom Cranes

Custom Cranes

Guanhui has been in the lifting equipment business for decades. Our mission is the same today as it was at the beginning: deliver lifting equipment that lifts our customers' businesses. Deep industry knowledge is built into every Guanhui product. And every Guanhui product has quality at the core. We design and manufacture the key crane components in-house, to function flawlessly in the specific lifting applications of our customers' industries.


Our custom cranes are tailored to meet the needs of your production processes. They are designed and built to specific requirements. In this way, we ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations.




Specific cranes for specific needs


Many industries require unique cranes tailored for their processes. With lifting capacities of up to Hundreds of tons, Guanhui custom cranes can be optimized to your precise lifting needs. As your needs change, your cranes can be adjusted for different uses throughout their entire life cycles. We recommend the best ones based on your use application, your preferences, and any restrictions in the environment.





Individually designed lifting solutions


We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case, to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task.


Every industry requires something different. Steel manufacturing needs protection from heat and dust. Fuel and energy production often require specialized grabs. The automotive industry uses special cranes for coil handling, stamping, and assembly. Mining and primary metal processing often occur in special environments, with special requirements for cranes.



Proven technology in new applications


Tailored cranes assembly components often use our standard products, but in unique ways. We also design new elements as needed. All parts are fully tested to ensure safety and reliability. These cranes are designed to lift valuable equipment that must be treated with great care. All the core components of the custom crane, including its gears, motors and controls, are made in-house. They are designed specifically to withstand the mechanical stresses of crane use, and integrate seamlessly with each other for smooth crane movement and control. Altogether, there are wide range of advanced technology that give you more control over your crane and its load than ever before. Your processes will be faster and more efficient, and your people and equipment safer.


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