Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Guanhui gantry cranes are the perfect solution to efficient lifting and handling in many industrial applications such as in open stockyards – many applications like this are heavy duty and require fast speeds to achieve required cycle times. With the use of software tools, we can provide an analysis of the necessary crane speeds, utilization, and load spectrum for the specified stock movements in a given application. By this method, we ensure each crane is a bespoke solution to give reliable service through the appropriate duty classification of mechanisms, structures, and electrical systems.

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Gantry cranes range and options:

  • Double girder capacities 5ton – 500 tons

  • Span up more than 50 meters



  • Cantilevers
  • Anti-sway control
  • Pendant, remote, or cab control
  • Out-of-service wind speed anemometers
  • Storm anchors
  • Anti-collision systems
  • Supply via powered or non-powered cable
  • Reeling drums


Guanhui pre-engineered gantry cranes provide efficient and competitively priced solutions for manufacturing and maintenance applications on indoor and outdoor sites. A cantilevered beam construction is an option whereby the load can be transported outside the rail centers as may be required for roadside loading bays or when loads need to be transferred from one crane to another.

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