Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Guanhui double girder overhead cranes are of low headroom construction for better height of lift in restricted headroom and are highly adaptable to different types of building structure. Double girder cranes are available in capacities of up to 80 tonnes equipped with the standard Steel wire rope hoist and up to 500 tonnes with the Guanhui winch trolley. Crane bridges are designed to travel on either 4 or 8 wheels depending on allowable wheel loads. Multiple hoist trolley gauges are available to accommodate different lifting heights and optimize hook approaches.

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Advantages of Guanhui double girder cranes with electric hoists


  • Extra hoist brake safety.
  • Additional protection against overloading.
  • No external hoist gears.
  • Double band rope guide.
  • Hoist gear inspection facility.
  • Hoist motor coupling inspection facility.
  • Hoist hand brake release
  • Variable speed travel and traverse.
  • No external trolley gears.
  • Unique electrical protection and hours in service meter.

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