Installation Options
Installation Options

Installation Options

Guanhui has installed cranes around the world, and we provide clean, accurate, quick installations in all over the world.


What’s even more important is that our people know how to save you time and money, without compromising the quality of your installation. Because our goal is to help you achieve the best installation at minimum cost, we offer four options.




A . We do a turnkey installation


Our expert staff does everything. We have the tools and experience to make the job completely hassle-free.


B . You provide some equipment


If you have the necessary welding apparatus, forklifts, man-lifts, and / or scaffolding, you can save money by letting us “borrow” your equipment. Our people still do all the work, and bring our specialized tools to you.


C . You provide some manpower


We provide a working supervisor, who brings all the tools and equipment needed. He works alongside your employees, directing them as his helpers to install your crane—but there is no sitting on the sideline. Guanhui takes complete charge of the process and ensures a smooth installation. Best of all, if you choose to provide some helpers, they are sure to learn a great deal about crane operation and maintenance.


D . You provide manpower and equipment


With this option, Guanhui still takes complete charge of the process and ensures a smooth installation, but you save even more money. We provide Installation Guidance Video that suit for your cranes project ,So your manpower can according to our Video , uses your welding apparatus, forklifts, man-lifts, and / or scaffolding finished installation & commissioning job by themself .Don't worry ,you not need have installation skill worker , because our crane has pre-assemble & test before delivery ,We use Plug & Play power connection ,directly use . Installation it a easy job that according to our Video.


In most cases...


Guanhui Crane completes the installation by performing load tests prior to start up, tuning the crane for peak operating efficiency, conducting operator training and providing instruction on basic maintenance procedures. Each Components operation & maintance manual will provide.


Review and Start-up Service


If you choose to install your crane yourself, you can also hire our installation Technican to review your installation, and make sure that your crane operates safely, reliably and meets all standard.

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