Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Guanhui produces standard single girder cranes in all capacities up to 20 tonnes. Single girder overhead cranes are the most economic design, having lower wheel loads which in turn deliver lower building and supporting structure costs. Guanhui series builds the top selling 5 and 10 tonne cranes which incorporate steel wire rope hoists and offers an extra competitive solution at lower capacities using the Guanhui electric chain hoist.

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Advantages of Guanhui single girder cranes with electric hoists


  • Extra hoist brake safety.
  • Additional protection against overloading.
  • No external hoist gears.
  • Double band rope guide.
  • Hoist gear inspection facility.
  • Unique fail-safe hoist drum.
  • Variable speed travel and traverse.
  • No external trolley gears.
  • Sturdy trolley side rollers.
  • Trolley reaction roller obviates the need for counterweight.


This extensive range of low headroom monorail hoists are mounted on a single trolley with four flangeless wheels and guide rollers, designed to run on the bottom flange of a single beam or girder. A reaction roller obviates the need for a counterweight thus reducing the wheel loads. This construction provides a higher top hook position in a restricted headroom compared to a hoist of standard headroom construction.


The Unique features enhance safety, performance and reliability or reduce lifetime costs by enabling inspection and service tasks to be executed in less time.

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